ME 495H - Introduction to Robot Operating System

This upper level techinical elective provides students with an introduction into the widely utilized Robot Operating System (ROS). The course covers the basic features of ROS including the ROS master, subscriber nodes, publisher nodes, service nodes, and launch files. Students learn how to utilize existing ROS packages and how to create there own packages in both C++ and Python. Small projects throughout the course allow students to utilize their newly acquired ROS skills to interface with microcontrollers, drive servos, and read and process images from webcams. The course culminates with a indivual student selected projects. Past projects have involved using ROS for object dection, controlling a Rethink Sawyer manipulator, interfacing with the Space Robotics Laboratory's motion capture system, face detection and tracking, building a verbal chatbot, and autonomously driving a Raspberry Pi based mobile robot.

Fall 2019 Mini-Projects: