ME 404 - Mechatronics

As the diagram suggests, mechatronics is an extremely interdisciplinary field that brings together mechanical systems, electrical systems, computer systems and control systems. The focus at ERAU is the application of mechatronics to robotics as well as other areas of aerospace, such as flight testing and space craft control systems.

This course includes the application of microprocessors to robotic systems with control. This course emphasizes the integration of aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and computer systems in robotics.

Design and integration of microcontrollers, actuators, motors, power systems, and sensors are studied with significant group-oriented design experiments. Highlevel graphical programming is introduced. Simple autonomous algorithms such as line tracking, edge detection, and path planning are examined with and without feedback control.

The class is positioned in the curriculum to enable mechanical engineering students to realize their simulated designs and build hardware that supports capstone senior design projects.

We currently use real-time operating systems from QNX and Windriver VxWorks and hardware from United Electronic Industries and Diamond Systems. Please visit our facilities and partners pages for more information.