ME 404/404L - Mechatronics and Mechatronics Laboratory

Robotics is inherently an interdisciplinary field. Mechanical systems provide robots with locomotion and a means to manipulate the environment. Electrical systems power on-board devices and enable robots to sense the world around them. Software controls the physical systems and provides robots with the ability to intelligently respond to diverse situations. Well-rounded roboticists are proficient in all three of these areas. Mechatronics (ME404) and Mechatronics Laboratory (ME404L) constitute a crash course in practical electrical engineering topics for mechanical engineers on the robotics track. The primary emphasis of the course is gaining hands on experience with microcontrollers and electrical components in the laboratory. Students learn interfacing considerations while writing C programs to read data from sensors and control motors. For the final project, students must apply their knowledge to produce a fully autonomous mobile robot capable of performing a basic navigational task.

Topics include:

Denso Robotic Manipulators