SPARTA Robotics

The 2017-2018 Robotics Capstone team SPARTA Robotics, consists of mechanical and electrical engineering students who are designing and developing a 6-DOF manipulator arm for Autonomous Rendezvous & Docking (AR&D) operations in space.

The goal of Sparta Robotics is to design a manipulator to grab onto and refuel a serviceable satellite. This is part of a larger project with the Coeus Prometheia Genna Astronautics Capstone Team. The purpose of the overall project is to design and construct a serviceable satellite and a refueling space robot possessing manipulation capabilities to interface with and supply fuel to the target vehicle. The astronautics system will focus on the design of the target and chase vehicles themselves, while the robotics system will focus on the manipulation and refueling capabilities of the chase vehicle. Sparta Robotics intends to complete this by designing a manipulator with 6 degrees of freedom and an end-effector capable of completing both the grabbing and refueling tasks.

SPARTA Manipulator
6DOF Arm for Autonomous Rendezvous & Docking (AR&D).

Team members from left to right: Justin Maza (ME), Theodore Lilyeblade (ME), Clayton Walker (ME), Bruce Nelson (SE), Jonathan Buchholz (ME), Andrew Petersen (ME), Emma Hutchison (ME), and Alexandra Indritz (ME).