HIGBEE - Sample Return Robot

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Embry-Riddle's Mechanical Engineering detail design team has been working on Heuristic Imaging Ground Based Environmental Explorer (HIGBEE) since Fall 2012. HIGBEE is an autonomous rover being built to compete in the NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge. The competition is scheduled for June 6, 2013 at Worchester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

HIGBEE must traverse an 80,000 m2 playing field and recover 10 objects of varying shapes and size. The teams biggest challenge will be the identification of obejcts and keeping track of their location on the playing field. The project relies highly on the accuracy of the software developed by the 10-student team under the guidance of Dr. Douglas Isenberg.

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Currently, the 7 Mechanical Engineering students and 3 Electrical Engineering students have completed the chassis, electrical components, locomotion hardware, and are finishing assembling the manipulator arm. Once complete, the whole robot can be assembled for integrated testing.

Testing has been successfully tested on the locomotion system via handheld remote control and onboard computer. The remote may be used to transport the robot and for testing purposes, however, HIGBEE may not have any form of communication with the team during the competition.

Higbee Team

Team members from left to right: Kelsey Anderson, Chris Swofford, Chris Howe, Chris Correia, Antony Robertson, Austin Troya, Steven Ishida, Caitilin Grace, George Sopp.

The team has a number of sponsors who have supported the project including:

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